Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's a Jungle Out There!

Karen’s happiness in her new home was offset by the fact that the 3 large staircases became a safety problem with her children. The four children were not wild but something happens when a youngster meets a staircase. They almost look at it as a challenge. “How fast can I fly down and how fast can I scale the mountain of stairs?” is the mantra. Karen turned to Tontine for a solution. Since Karen has a whimsical style and lots of young tiger cubs to keep safe and happy, she was looking for something a little on the wild side…something to keep the little cubs safe on those adventures up and down stairs. Her sales specialist at Tontine, Chuck, found just the right solution and found a way to save as well. Karen selected carpet from the Animalistic line in Cheetah, Leopard and Tiger prints for the 3 staircases. These gave a theme to the hallways. Chuck also led her to a “Crush Resistor” pad, just perfect for softness, durability and noise reduction under little paws. By cutting lengths of carpet out of larger rolls and disguising the pattern in 2 pieces, Chuck was able to use less carpet to create runners to the exact width with Karen needed to expose the beautiful hardwood stairs and retain the look she admired. This saved money to put toward future safaris. All in all, the mighty jungle is quieter tonight!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Customer Service-We've Got it!

Kathy had a few questions for the folks at Tontine. Talk about getting some questions answered...Our manager at Tontine, Paul decided to take some time from his busy day and be certain that Kathy understood that Tontine cared about her concerns. He sat down and composed at thoughtfull letter and dashed it off to her. He also wished her a "Merry Christmas!" Oh, and by the way...we wish you all a "Happy 2011! May your home be your refuge and your colors comfort you!"

See Paul's letter to Kathy and learn more about Tontine's Service!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Seamless Beauty (Part 2-Dream Kitchen)

We know that Susan is in love with her new Mannington kitchen floor but the way it flows from room to room is a part of the beauty. An installer has to be good to take a graphic pattern and make it flow with such grace from kitchen to hall to bathroom. Tontine's installer did just that at Susan's home and it made all the difference! Talk about seamless...that is the relationship that the folks at Tontine Carpet One Floor & Home have with their customers. At Tontine our staff is taught the opposite of the big box theory. "One at a time" is the way our customers are treated. Your experience at Tontine can be seamless, just like Susan's.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Dream Kitchen

Susan came to the Tontine store with a plaque she made professing her joy about her new Tontine floor. She invited us to her home to take some photos and hear all about her experience. She told a story of how Tontine’s Sales Associate worked with her to find just the right floor for her Dream Kitchen and of how our installer wouldn’t give up when he found imperfections in her subfloor . He found a way to rebuild it to level, cut the piece expertly so that it would be seamless from kitchen to hallway to bathroom and was so diligent about the work. Susan’s floor was the final piece of her dream ktichen and she stated, “It was a very gratifying experience working with the Tontine sales staff and installation personnel. I am delighted daily with my Mannington floor choice and the superb job done by all concerned.”

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Beautiful Solution

I found out some glorious news....if I buy carpet at Tontine Carpet One and I don't like it for any reason..I can change it. This revelation has eased the pain of choosing carpet for my home. Sometimes in the past I have made mistakes on color choice for paint and had to repaint even rewalpaper but it's another story alltogether when I have to replace carpet because I choose incorrectly. Now, I have the confidence to order and know that there is a safety net. Where else do you get that? Nowhere but Carpet One! I can tell my husband, "Don't worry! We have the power to replace this if it's not what we want." That goes a long way with him. I'm going to relax and order that new living room burber in the color I have been dreaming of. And, oh well if it doesn't look like my dream after installation, I can get it replaced!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Dinner Party

I went to a dinner party at a neighbor's home last night and she took me on a tour of her newly remodeled home. She replaced all of her carpet with a soft, warm creamy color and it went well with her warm woods, patterned sofa, curtains and in the bedroom with her shades and comforter. What it did for her older home was dynamite! I asked her where she bought the carpet and she told me that it was from Tontine Carpet One and that she was thrilled with the product, “Tigressa”, the installer who did a neat job and was very respectful of her home and furnishings and her sales person at Tontine who she counted on to give her good advice. She knew that he would because she has worked with him for years and always been happy. The dinner guests were surprised at the soft, lushness of the carpet and the durability. She has already cleaned wine up without much trouble. Bravo Tontine and Tigressa!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Changing Seasons

The season is changing and the holidays are upon us! It's time to create a cozy nest for your family. Start with new carpet. At Tontine we carry a selection of color, fiber, stain protection and design elements you will be pleased with. And since we will be celebrating a bit during the holidays you will want to check our Beautiful Guarantee and 3M stain removal program. After all, you want to be ready for spilled beverages and little paws bounding into the room from the snowy out of doors. Also, with allergens trapped inside you will want to check out our new "Healthier Floors".

If we are all going to be spending more time indoors, we might as well enjoy them! You will be glad you found a floor covering store where you get treated like a decorator. We know that your tastes and your design ideas are unique. We know that your family is special. Maybe you have pets and small children...we have stain removal and stain protection. Maybe durable fibers are a must...we have the new "Tigressa" products made with tough fibers that are also soft to the touch. Come in and discuss your next floor. Enjoy our credit offers so you can use that cash for the holidays!